About Us

ArmorCoat Paint Protection Coating is a revolutionary spray installed clear bra system designed to protect painted surface’s in high wear areas of vehicles which are prone to
chipping and damage.

The factory paint finish that arrives on your new car or truck is a durable system involving multiple layers of primer, colored base coats and a hard, baked on, clear glossy topcoat. A great deal of trials and testing have gone into ensuring this system maintains its color and appearance for many years into the life of the vehicle. But, with a total film build or thickness of only 4 to 5 mils (4 to 5/1000 of an inch), these finishes are subject to chipping in just a short time. The hard properties of automotive paints and clear coats are not very forgiving to the severe impact caused by larger stones or gravel. When a high speed impact occurs, paint covered by a hard, thin clear coat has a tendency to shatter leaving a crater sometimes right down to primer or worse, the bare surface of the hood, bumper or body panel.

ArmorCoat is spray installed at a dry film thickness roughly 3 to 4 times greater than traditional automotive clears. Areas not to be covered are masked off prior to installation. ArmorCoat is then sprayed and allowed to air dry,
then unmasked and returned to you the customer.

What’s so revolutionary about ArmorCoat?
Never before has a product like ArmorCoat been available as an aftermarket option for passenger, fleet and custom painted vehicles. ArmorCoat is designed for spray installation as a permanent solution to the age old problem of automotive paint chipping. When sprayed and cured over an existing OEM or body shop clear finish, the highly flexible and impenetrable properties of ArmorCoat will reduce and prevent chipping, scratching and damage caused by stones, insects and weathering. Best of all, it’s virtually invisible.

Putting aside the emotional trauma of chips in your new car’s finish, think about the resale and trade in value which diminishes with each scratch, chip, dent and ding. Now ArmorCoat and its amazing ability to absorb impact and ward off chipping can help preserve the beauty and integrity of your vehicles OEM or custom finish and also the value of one of your largest single investments.

ArmorCoat is designed for cars, trucks, motor homes, over-the-road trucks, motorcycles and
any painted automotive surface subject to damage caused by normal use and daily driving.